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  1. @ivan.popelyshev Thx a lot! It worked.
  2. @ivan.popelyshev Thx for reply! If I'm not mistaken ticker is more like eternal loop and does not help me to determine when all effects(changes to app) will be finished. Within ticker I'm able to check when my mesh vertices are applied for instance but also I need to be sure everything is done. And it would be nice to react immediately within some event. Is there any way to achieve this?
  3. Hi! I have pixijs app v5.2.0. There I have few filters, meshes, textures. I need to save result as an image. How can I determine when everything will be rendered, filters applied, vertices updated and to call my save function? Is there some general event or best practice?
  4. Hi! How I can get rid of those diagonal lines? I use SImplePlane mesh and canvas renderer. Pixijs v5.2.1 legacy(I need canvas). The only one way I found is to change mesh blend mode, but that is not I need. https://prnt.sc/r6lb82