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  1. Hi there! I'd want to ask for some performance tips if possible. I'm trying to create game like agar.io. I have 15000x15000 map filled with objects. The game has 2 types of objects: cell and food. The whole map contains ~3500 food objects and up to 500 cell objects, food has one texture for all sprites and is rendered using ParticleContainer while cell using just a Container because it contains some additional sprites in it (name, mass etc) BUT has one texture for all sprites as well. So i have some questions: 1) Is it worth moving cell to ParticleContainer and then create an ad
  2. @ivan.popelyshev that's really cool to learn pixi and game developing, i like it. I have some more questions, is it okay if i ask in this topic? Now i'm trying to achieve smooth transition between 2 sprites. They are just 2 white lines with the same glow filter but different glow color. What i need: and what i'm at now: I was trying to shift them but the colors mix and produce the color i don't expect. Is there anything i can do?
  3. @ivan.popelyshevthat's exactly what i needed! Thanks!
  4. @ivan.popelyshev Thanks for the answer! Unfortunately i can't create texture because line (border) width is suposed to be resizeable as well as glow distance and strength. I found another solution: create 512x40 rectangle and apply glow filter. Then make texture and use tiling sprite and it works! I'm sorry i'm newbie to pixi and game developing at all so there is a chance my question is going to be stupid and naive: So, now i have tiling sprite with the length i need (12000x40) and it is going to be 1/4 side of my squared map. I can create 3 more, combine and the map is done. The qu
  5. Hi. I'm currently learning PIXI and having some troubles. Let me explain what I'm working on: there is a game that has 12000x12000px map size and the whole map can be scaled. I want to create map borders and later apply glow filter to it. My idea was create a rectangle with lower size (because creating 12000x12000 rectange takes too long and sometimes Chrome page even crashes) and then just scale it to the map size and it works, but when you scale in you can see the borders are a bit scuffed. I was trying creating just 4 single lines and then combining it but it takes the same amoun
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