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  1. Hello everyone. Past few days, I have been trying to add a challenge mode to my game which involves the challenger selecting one of their friends from the popup FBInstant.chooseAsync() method opens. After this, chooseAsync() is supposed to create a new context with that facebook account, and then the game starts the challenge mode which on completion would send a notification via the chat to the challenged account that their friend challenges them. When they open the game from that notification, they start playing in the challenge mode, then when they finish, scores are compared and winne
  2. @Noel thanks for the reply! I managed to solve the problem after mingling with the debugger a bit, apparently, the leaderboard object returned from the getLeaderboardAsync promise has a method called getConnectedPlayerEntriesAsync() which works just like the getEntriesAsync() method. This method provides built in paging as well and done on facebook side, I think it is going to be far more performant than querying on the player's device. Just wanted to put this piece of information here so it is accessible.
  3. Hello everyone, I am relatively new here and in HTML 5 game development area as well. I have been trying to build a social game for the Facebook Instant Games platform for the past few weeks and I am currently stuck at implementing a leaderboard. Now, creating a leaderboard and getting the entries is straight forward, I managed that easily, however, I need to create another leaderboard, actually a view for the existing leaderboard, that only has the friends of the current user listed with proper ranking. Reading some of the posts here in this forum, I came across the getConnectedPlay
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