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  1. I have just try this example code from socketio github <script src="/"></script> <script> var socket = io('http://localhost'); socket.on('connect', function(){}); socket.on('event', function(data){}); socket.on('disconnect', function(){}); </script> And I can confirm it is working. Maybe something else is the problem.
  2. You should place in your project. And then link that file with relative path: <script src="./"></script> This should work fine. You can't reference .js files on some other server
  3. You can use FB API to get a list of all FB friend who are playing your game. Also you will have their player id provided by FB API. Then you should add some more logic to your backend server to place those friends in same game room (I presume you have multiple rooms for players). Maybe it is useful to check all those Ludo games on FB IG platform. They have master this topic very well.
  4. If they are not able to detect infringement and if they want those game gone, they should reward original author who is complaining. Reward could be in Audience Network credits or something like that. This is just my 2 cents on the matter.
  5. .getEntriesAsync(100, 0) is a list of all highscores from every player (with paging) and .getConnectedPlayerEntriesAsync(100, 0) is a list of players friends. So if you want to show list of global players use getEntriesAsync, and if you want list of friends use getConnectedPlayerEntriesAsync