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  1. Here's my tools: Unity + VSCode for desktop + mobile + WebGL development GameMaker for mobile + HTML5 development Affinity Designer for artwork Spine for animation Audacity for audio editing
  2. Hi everyone Just wanted to share my new HTML5 game Super Asteroid Defender. You can try it here: https://ruim.itch.io/defender It's an arcade shooter where you to survive on a tiny planet bombarded by asteroids. The game was built in GameMaker and exported to HTML5. You play it in landscape on desktop and portrait on mobile, even though image quality seems to suffer a lot on mobile browser for some reason? Thanks
  3. If you just want to simulate movement and forces (no collisions) you can try a Verlet physics implementation. It's not complicated to implement, very lightweight and you can very get nice looking movements. I have a free asset for GameMaker with a Verlet implementation, not sure how helpful it would be to you since you're using a different engine but feel free to poke around it https://marketplace.yoyogames.com/assets/5239/verlet-physics-and-examples
  4. Hi All! This is my first post here as I try to step into the HTML5 game development world You can play my first web game here: https://ruim.itch.io/blockspin In the game you control a shape made of blocks that is falling and has to pass through holes. You drag to rotate and avoid collision. The game was originally made for the hyper-casual mobile market and has over 220000 downloads on iOS. I'm currently submitting the game to publishers to see if anyone is interested. If anyone has any tips on that I'd really appreciate. Thanks Rui
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