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  1. Hey, as the title suggests, I put together a boilerplate im currently using on a few projects, thought I would share. It enables you to use React and DOM for UI stuff, such as scores and backgrounds, enabling you to keep draw calls to a minimum. Happy to receive any / all feedback. Enjoy!
  2. This is a super bare bones, hello world app using Angular-CLI and phaser-ce. Thought someone might find it useful
  3. @ChrisJeffGames @Xbox @ScufGaming PS4 controller not as compatible on xBox though

  4. on a side note, the current particle affect makes my eyes bleed, and will be much more aesthetically pleasing in the next update. I have also got my hands on a voice actor to provide some narration to the player, which has been fun to work create This has yet to be added to the public build however.
  5. There is a new build online, mainly addressing difficulty and various bug fixes and polish. There are some new features, but they are all mainly visual - MOAR PARTICLES! Same link as always
  6. Ok, so I had an insane weekend of dev and a new build containing a shit ton of features has been uploaded. I will be posting a more descriptive update in the the next day or so, but thought it would be a good idea to test the water with the new changes regardless. This will most likely be the biggest public update before showing interested parties for our web, android and iOS release, so enjoy!
  7. Hey guys, so new day, new update. End of a hard week, so today's update is a bit smaller than the rest as I am calling it a day a bit earlier tonight. I have made some adjustments to the gravity, it is a bit strong for my liking now good to get some feedback on it regardless. The jump, double jump and boost from barrels has been adjusted accordingly. The distance between floor tiles has also been adjusted to accommodate this. I have now implemented the respawning of crumbling platforms, which helps the player to get through the level if they made a mistake the first time round. They fade back in, rather than appear abruptly which is quite nice. Finally, I added some music i found on Soundcloud, it may change it future but its ok for now. If anyone is interested, the link can be found here: I found the user on Newgrounds, which is a pretty handy site for game music. Lastly, I have added a basic facebook login, but have yet to hook it up to a high score table or anything. A job for the weekend i think
  8. Thanks for the feedback I do agree it feels a bit floaty, I will have a play with the gravity and make the player fall differently. Are you asking that friction be applied in the air as well as the floor? It would give the user a bit more control and help with the inertia problem i guess
  9. Ok so I put a new update live a few minutes ago, included in this build are crumbling blocks, which will disappear from under your feet after a short period of time. I will not keep them like this, because they can make sections of the level unpassable if you do not complete it first time. I am thinking about making it so they respawn after a short while, which would just enforce a time penalty on the player rather than a long wait to die. The barrels have also been updated, they will now spin all the time and some will also now move between points. This sets up some pretty interesting zones where you have to time shots between barrels really well. Inspiration for this section comes directly from Donkey Kong Country, a game I am a huge fan of. I can probably make this section a bit nicer by adding a tween or something to the barrel movement, and by adding some predefined patterns of barrels to navigate. Vertically moving barrels would make things even more interesting Currently the spawning algorithm for them is fairly basic, and will just spawn barrels within a range of pixels. These two issues will probably be the focus of my attention in the next update.
  10. Ok so ages ago when learning how to use Phaser, I made a game called Duck Up: It was the first thing I had made in Phaser, and now that I have become a lot better with the framework, I have decided to rebuild the game into something a bit more playable when i'm not working on client projects. At the moment it is still a work in progress, but I thought it would be a good time to share the game and get a little bit of feedback. You can play the game in its current format here: Couple of cool features: The floor is made up of about 10 tiles. A floor manager caches positions into an array, allowing for an endless level that can be traveled forwards and back through with little overhead. I made the game using our level editing software / SDK PhaserLE. I will most likely comment all the code with JavaDoc style notation and open source the game code, so that others can see how it was put together and possibly learn from it. Left to do: I want to add a crumbling enemy, to slow you, creating a time penalty. most likely a pelican that will catch and hold you in its mouth until you button bash enough to get out. achievementsstandardise the distance between floor tiles, so they only require a single or double jump. Currently some tiles are kind of half way between the 2. achievementsfacebook integration mobile scaling and optimization. Any feedback greatly appreciated! It still has a long way to go, but the art is pretty and hopefully people will find it fun.
  11. You need to place the text with an offset of 0.5, taking into account any anchor points of containers. "Just offset with half a pixel, and it’ll render nice and sharp. This works, because in SVG and in Canvas, pixels aren’t seen as an indivisible unit. You can draw on a part of a pixel. When you code a line to start at a certain pixel, you are actually starting the line in the top-left corner of that pixel. When that line is 1px wide, half a the line gets drawn on one pixel, and the other half on the one next to it, resulting in a blurry line.As I said, this is’t really SVG or Canvas’ fault. SVG and Canvas should not care about pixels, because they work in vectors. The lines are blurry by design. However, the last thing a canvas or SVG developer should want is code littered with +0.5 and currently, this is exactly what happens." -
  12. We also have a youtube channel with some videos:
  13. Hi there, I hear you. The output of the editor level code is actually human readable, and can be edited by hand if you want to. Or do you mean the structure of the game code itself?