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  1. I solve it by using scale.setGameSize(414,736) , but it only run on the android phone. Iphone can not run success in chrome and safari . How do I solve it ?
  2. Hello everyone. I using phaser to create a game has two version scene. When my phone is turned, his ratio is still 16:9. (actually I want landscape 1920*1080, portrait 414*736) I found that it will change the canvas size, which means the game configuration properties need to be changed. I try a lot of function. this.scale.resize this.scale.setGameSize Doesn't work. Some tell me to lock portrait orientation. But I want to do like this image: I can make a new scene to render landscape/portrait version. But the premise is that I must be able to modify the game parameters. How can I do it if I want my game has two (landscape/portrait) on mobile?
  3. I can not using the same way make what I want to do. I see my project when I using PIXI.Loader add json and using add() to add my json then load. It will give me the spineData in loader.resources.spineData when load finish . But when I using your way I can not take this property. They is a similary names data. But when I using it they will say "Cannot read property 'children' of undefined" This is my code example. Please check pixiatlastest.html line 47 and 58. mytest.rar
  4. hi, I can not using this way , preLoader.resources.mainSpine.spineAtlas is undefined. And artist can not out put the json file with this issue. Can I have a official solution for this. My javascript not very well. Help.
  5. Thank you so much, I will try it. That was awesome of that quickly response solution.
  6. thank to reply , I just want to make our file smaller as soon as possible. Our artist say he can make one atlas to manage all json and spine so he say that may using in pixi.js. I know you need to fix a lot of new issue, cos this awesome plugins is too much user maybe you can pointer a way to using hard code fix this issue.
  7. I already read this topic : and I following the anwser, and can not find the solution. I want to using one atlas to manage all json. I want to manage json by one atlas so I wrote this code. But it show me like this : Looks I just make a dynamic atlas. How do I using one atlas to contain all spine information? slot_1601_TEST.7z