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  1. Cool! I've been using jsfxr for mine. It's too late for me to switch now, but I'll play around with it anyway. Are there any file size estimates for an x second looping track for example? (Edit: Just ran into a bug in Demo 2. When tabbing away in Canary the track doesn't stop and doesn't keep going properly - just plays the last note before your tab-off perpetually and resumes the rest when you tab back)
  2. I've got a question for those who have some experience with porting their JS/HTML5 games to Android today. I'm using CocoonJS. The game is running fine on my Nexus 4. If my Nexus 4 was all I had to care about, I could probably submit it today (or after fixing some last minute bugs). However, that's the only device that I have available to test on and I just know that there will be some sort of compatibility issues with other devices. I don't have access to any other Android phones (I may be able to go to a device lab in Stockholm, but due to scheduling issues I don't know when this will be or if I'll even be able to get in). Have any of you ever released an Android app without physically having access to a bunch of Android phones? Did you find people to help you test online? Is it a matter of getting them to install the Cocoon launcher on their Android phones, getting a CocoonJS account, and running the game through the game URL (and if so, would anyone be willing to help me test it out, even just for the sake of testing basic performance and resolution and sending a screenshot or something)? Do you focus on specific phones and ignore others that aren't as popular? Any advice on releasing to Android without having a pile of Android phones available would be great. Thanks, Liza
  3. Have you tried Impact++ yet? Looks like it enhances Impact quite a bit, I'm looking forward to trying it out for a later project.
  4. How long ago did you send the reminder and how late is the payment? I know you said it's been 20 days, but if for example your payment terms are 7 days that means it's actually 13 days late as opposed to 20. Do you have any other method of contacting them (like phone)? And how long ago was your last contact with them (not just about payment, but any kind of contact). And also - do you have a signed contract outlining payment amounts, dates, etc, or was this a verbal agreement?
  5. ImpactJS for me. I started out with it when first learning to make JS/HTML5 games and am still using it now.
  6. For some people it totally is. I hear just as many "horror stories" about indie developers struggling to make it on their own. It just depends on what you're looking for and what opportunities are right for you at whatever stage of your life you're in. For my situation working at a bigger studio is definitely the right thing to do. I like working on a larger project with a larger team while working on hobby stuff on the side; it lets me delve into the best of both worlds while helping to make games for a living and continuing to learn on both fronts, which is really all I ever wanted to do.
  7. I use Photoshop for game art when I need it, but usually my games tend to use shapes drawn directly onto the canvas (strokes, rects, arcs, etc)
  8. Not anymore. I freelanced for a couple of years doing software QA and web design/development before going back to work in the games industry.
  9. I don't monetize my games, but I have run a business. My terms were usually 14 days (that is, payment due within 14 days of invoice being sent). I usually sent a friendly reminder a week after the 14 day mark hit. With a polite offer to resend the invoice if they "haven't received it". Even if you know you sent it, it's always good to assume that it may not have been delivered and give them an "out", since usually they don't like admitting that they saw an invoice and just ignored it even if both of you know that was the case. So the invoice was late for 5-7 days before I sent a reminder. From there it really depended on the client, but usually they only needed one reminder, sometimes two.
  10. Some thoughts: Thoughts/feelings on HTML5 games: I think the best parts about HTML5/JS games, for me, are the low barrier to entry, accessibility for pretty much anyone with a browser, and portability. The tech isn't polished yet and there is a long way to go, but I think HTML5 games have a lot of potential and can finally start being taken seriously. I do think that it's important to continue to develop/improve porting solutions for Android, iOS, and Steam. HTML5 games sourcing for game portals: Not informed enough to form an opinion on this one. I do not list my games on portals and do not monetize them. Gaming community feeling about HTML5 games: I don't think HTML5 games are being seen as a threat. As an opportunity for some, yes, but many AAA devs still largely ignore HTML5/JS games in terms of their ability to compete with traditional technologies and C++. I've heard some say that while HTML5/JS is great for small hobby projects, others say they really dislike JS, others are pretty open to it. Nobody really views HTML5 as a threat (that I've met). Are HTML5 easiest/cheapest: To me it would seem so, but depends on how much time the company would need to spend to port the games successfully to various mobile platforms, sort out performance issues, etc. Going native when you know what you're doing certainly has its advantages.
  11. Probably won't make it this year, but am definitely keeping fingers crossed for 2014.
  12. Oh crap, that's a deal breaker for me I'll have to find something else (Edit: Actually, after some searching around I think I may be able to use it despite lack of websockets. It's not ideal and I'll keep looking around for other options, but at least there's that)
  13. Ah excellent, thank you! I will try appfrog.