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  1. Thanks I will try to do my best.
  2. Thanks for your answer. I am planning to create configuration screen with pure react and integrate pixi.js inside game screen where we show this animations. Do you have any suggestion that I should take a look before starting?
  3. Hi everyone I took a project which is game development. I have not done game development before. It is not complex game, I was planning to use react with pixi.js to achieve my goals. Since I don't have any experience with pixi.js I would to hear your opinions about whether it is wise choice to make this game using pixi.js with react. Let me explain the game a bit. It will be a dart game. First we have configuration screen where user will select game type, target, player information. After setting up these things user can start the game. This is hard the hard part. Each game type can have different designs. There will be animations which shows which player's turn is. After player throws we will have to decrease player's point and show where it landed on dart. These are example videos and images similar to what I need to achieve. Is this something doable with pixi.js or should I take a look at some game frameworks out there? dart3.mp4