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  1. Hey all! My name is John and I am the product lead engineer at SBLY's game division. We are fairly new to the game space, but by no means new to publishing -- started in 2015 and have now amassed over 50 million monthly readers on our publishing networks and now bringing in games. I am looking for game titles to add to our platform through rental sponsorships and possibly exclusive licensing deals. If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to reach out! Looking forward to hearing from you
  2. Yeah sorry just wanted to exhaust the resources I had in case I missed something easily! Thanks Noel
  3. Hi, I followed the instructions for the Discovery Configuration Tool here in order to attach a payload to an ad id: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/games/instant-games/guides/app-install-ads-best-practices/#custom-payloadsHowever, when I run an ad preview and click on my game, the entryPointData is empty and the entry is sent as 'feed' instead of an 'ad' when calling getEntryPointAsnyc(). The steps are pretty clear and I made sure that getEntrypointData() is called after getEntryPointAsync resolves. Am I missing another step? Thanks!
  4. @Noel I have the same issue as op. When I call chooseAsync() and select a user from the dialog, the recipient does not receive the game invite.
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