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  1. Yeah, that helped. Still no reply after a month.
  2. I just noticed my payable balance went from €100+ to €17, does this mean a payment is being processed? I've also been trying to add more domains under my publisher account, after being asked to add some lines in ads.txt which I did I got a reply with "We will update into our system and let you know when completed.", this was on april 15, I've been sending mails every other week or so to ask if they've already been added but never get a reply.
  3. Gamemonetize.com is becoming more tempting, pretty much a copy of gamedistribution but their stats are not that clear, you can't see the sites your game is on.
  4. Looks amazing, can't wait to play and I hope it will be possible to embed this game on my gameportal.
  5. 10 years after the initial Flash release I've remade this game in HTML5, a card game that's similar to the popular tri peaks solitaire but with 4 decks of cards instead of 2 and some relaxing themes. It's my first game in HTML5, created with pure HTML, CSS and JS, no frameworks used. http://www.kingofsolitaire.com/tri-peaks-card-games/play-six-peaks-solitaire/
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