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  1. Bouh

    Compute right uvs ?

    Thank you so much, you know i've spend 5 days on this uvs problem. Now i will spend some hours to understand your fix and comments I've started with displacement filter, start read tutorials about shaders and glsl, spend 4 hours in the chrome debugger for try to understand how works uniforms and how are compute these damn uvs. And i've open all filters for found another one working with a external file, and yes i've found SpriteMaskFilter and read into it. And today i've dig in PIXI.Texture. But Matrix are still blurry for me. It's was a good reason for me to learn a bit shaders, this is a wonderful world. Finally all filters use webgl, no ? I prefer start at the root. i love see how thing works in the deep. Thank you for your kindness, i'll read all your stuff !
  2. Bouh

    Compute right uvs ?

    Hi ! I try to create a new shader, for merge two textures in one. For this i use a main texture used as sprite, my filter is on this sprite. And the second texture is pass by uniforms. This works, i can see the second texture in my shader, but the ratio of this second texture is wrong. I guess it's related to UVs, so i've compute UVs with a matrix, but this matrix (otherMatrix in my pixi playground ) is set with default values. I guess the matrix should be related to my second texture but i can't find how do this. I don't know how compute correct uvs. You can try the shader here in my pixi playground. Maybe i've said dumbs things, let me know ^^
  3. Bouh

    Shader and Filter

    Hello I use PIXI.Shader and PIXI.Filter and pixi v4.8.6 (i know it's old i can't update for now) Thus, i try to make a color transparent, my shader works with PIXI.Filter, but not with PIXI.Shader. I think i've miss something in PIXI.Shader but i don't know what. I hope make this purple transparent with PIXI.Shader instead PIXI.Filter, because shader have better performance, and i use shader already with other thing, so i avoid to create conflict. Shader: sandbox code (don't works) Filter: sandbox code (works) For curious i use it for GDevelop5, we use PixiJS, and we have also bounty $115 on an issue with pixi (font text). I let you take a look on gdevelop repo. Thank you for reading me.