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  1. here's the code: let Sprite = PIXI.Sprite, loader = PIXI.loader, resources = PIXI.loader.resources; loader .add("assets/sprites.json") .load(setup); let uno; function setup() { sheet = resources["assets/sprites.json"]; uno = new PIXI.AnimatedSprite(sheet.animations["uno"]); app.stage.addChild(uno); }
  2. here's the example from the documentain PIXI.Loader.shared.add("assets/spritesheet.json").load(setup); function setup() { let sheet = PIXI.Loader.shared.resources["assets/spritesheet.json"].spritesheet; animatedSprite = new PIXI.AnimatedSprite(sheet.animations["image_sequence"]); ... } but I have a lot of image sequences some for walking some for jumping, but if I follow this example all the animations will be shown at once, so how to choose how many images? THANKS