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  1. Could you consider about Playcanvas??
  2. I am student and don't have credit card hope playcanvas can pay with paypal balance in the future
  3. Hello, Any Best Places to Buy Phaser 2 or 3 game Template??? I need phaser, not construct , Thanks you very much
  4. Sounds good , Are you finished???
  5. Check this:
  6. tkohey_sad

    Adding Plugins

    To install plugin, first open your project in Panda 2 and then just drag and drop the plugin JavaScript file to your project. You can also manually copy the file to game/plugin folder inside your project source folder. After the plugin is installed, require it's module on your game module. Then save and restart. Example: game.module( 'game.main' ) .require( 'plugin.pixi' ) .body(function() {
  7. Hello @supertommy Is there any way to do Phaser 3 code obfuscation without setup NPM and webpack. My way(maybe stupid), combine all js files in one js file and copy it to Online JavaScript Obfuscator Tool to obfuscate it. (e.g Thanks
  8. var platformCollider = this.physics.add.collider(object,object);;
  9. Does Panda2 engine support VR game development?