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  1. They still didn't pay me. Gamedistribution hold my money over 7 months and act like cheaters. @Iurigenovesi I wrote you 30x times an email and you answered only 3 times that you send money, lies that your developers recover all statistics and bla.. bla.., nothing for over 2 months. Why don't you pay me the money? Why did you delete all statistics with revenues exceeding 7k EUR? Why did you delete all old invoices with 2 years history and my payment info? Your company should follow EU law. I want your answer, here publicly on this forum! @Iurigenovesi
  2. @Iurigenovesi I only got one email from you, but in the account missing data from last months / years. All earnings from my gamedistribution account has disappeared (data are available from April 22nd 2020). In addition, the earnings has still not been paid since November 2019 for all my games. Did you do something with my account? I'm waiting for an explanation and when you send me a money - almost 7000 EUR. I have written to you several times, but again no answers. Can you explain to me why all my earnings and invoices disappeared from my account, including empty charts?
  3. @Iurigenovesi I'm still waiting for the reply. No answer, no emails from (info@, support@, developers@) and PM is empty, Gamedistribution still didn't pay the money.
  4. I'm waiting for your answer, in PM still nothing.
  5. @Gamedistribution I want an answer when you pay me. @Iurigenovesi I sent you a PM and email but no answers from you. We want an explanation.
  6. Hello Everyone, @arcadeset . At the moment, I haven't received any earnings from the Gamedistribution yet. (since November, Total over 7000 Euro). This is very sad, because it will not be 60 days, but almost 7 months. @Iurigenovesi When will be my earnings sent?
  7. It's about developer and publisher earnings. That was fast after I posted the post here, getting error on login: Invalid User! Error. Developer account giving me now message: Your account is inactive. Please contact with our support team. This is clear theft, nobody from gamedistribution don't reply to emails and even block my access?
  8. Gamedistribution didn't paid me since November, Total over 7000 Euro. They don't respond to any emails and messages. I wrote on their support over 15x, but no response. They probably get all the money from my games. If they don't pay me, I will sue them in EU court. Is here anyone who joins?
  9. Gamedistribution didn't paid me since November, Total over 7000 Euro. They don't respond to any emails. @uronstone Is their company a scam?
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