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  1. Perhaps some clarification can be added to the docs, explaining that it is not necessary to call the inherited `destroy` method. I was also getting some weird errors after destroying an instance of`OutlineFilter`. Thanks for your help.
  2. Should destroying filters be part of my memory management strategy? I noticed that these filters inherit a `destroy` method from `PIXI.Shader. Should I be destroying filter instances if I know they will no longer be used?
  3. Could you briefly describe some of the many ways, please? I am not sure what you mean. My textures are SVGs so adding a transparent border to the asset itself is not possible. I tried adding a transparent using Outline filter but setting an alpha value to the filter does not seem to be possible.
  4. Rotated sprites have jagged edges. I have tried enabling `antialias: true`, and while it had an effect on drawn graphics, it had no effect on the rotated sprites. My application correctly responds to the device's resolution. To minimise the jagged edges I tried forcing a minimum resolution of 2, which significantly alleviates the issue. However, I would not like to render everything twice as large simply to get rid of jagged edges, not only because of performance concerns, but because of the WebGL Texture size limit on some devices. I have also tried to to use the FXAAFilter but it produ
  5. Hi, I am trying to project a rotating 3d cube to a 2d space. I understand that pixi-projection should help me achieve this. Despite my efforts to try and find documentation, YouTube videos, go through the source code, search this forum, search the Pixi wiki on GitHub.com and reverse-engineer this demo https://gameofbombs.github.io/pixi-bin/index.html?s=flip&f=cube.js&title=Cube, I didn't get very far. Perhaps my struggle stems from the fact that I don't understand the terminology at play. Terms such as "affine", "euler", "focus distance" and "near plane" are foreign to me. I expec
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