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  1. thanks a lot for your time and your response im still confused,because my js isn't so well,i haven't learned typescript and gulp yet,so i dont know what to do with your tips but i tried the example from,but it didn't work for me ,it shows "Region not found in atlas:" i dont know how to use gulp to deal with the boilerplate project im looking for a javascript solution, for my "pixi-spin inline json,atlas,png" problem,like from: i would like to use pixi-spine and data uri
  2. I'm new to pixi and pixi-spine,and my english not so well In normal pixi-spine examples,you just : loader.add('dragontest','assets2/dragon.json') it will auto load the json file,atlas file,and the related png files the thing is,my mission is to avoid http request in my html file like,all your resources need to be in your one html file i know how to deal with a noral sprite load,like using:loader.add('dragontest.png' , '....'),you can avoid load file thru http like this but what to do with pixi-spine's json,altas files really bugs me. please please please help me and thank you for your time