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  1. CamO

    graphics quality

    @ivan.popelyshevIf I manage to do it i could help out with that, btw you said that "The limitation is size of rendered elements" are you saying that increasing the distance between points || increasing width and height || increasing scales will affect it and what will happen?
  2. CamO

    graphics quality

    "try to figure out why i did this thing" Ivans braincracker challenge. Sure i will get into it @ivan.popelyshevOut of politeness you can try Solvicles an IQ test i made on App store and google play, it was for fun and its free, go for logic the option on the top right if you ever want to give it a shot :D
  3. CamO

    graphics quality

    i will try with what you have all i am asking is should i install the and can you give me a link to the exact cd of the demo? From there i will go on on my own.
  4. CamO

    graphics quality

    @ivan.popelyshevWell, I am going to have to give it a try. if not i will need to move to another project. Can. you give me your perspective on the different steps to implement it?
  5. CamO

    graphics quality

    @ivan.popelyshev Hey Ivan, sorry for the back to back questions but its important to solve this before continuing. How can i improve the of graphics from this to something like this without the grids I tried with resolution on Stage but it really affects performance
  6. Thanks Ivan, I will try both ways then
  7. Hey all, I am trying to find a way to create curves on specific points of an existing polygon that can be modified. Like below I dont want to do it seperately how can i do that
  8. inside you node_modules go to @pixi/graphics/lib/ create a local variable called this.scale={x:1, y:1} inside function Geometry around line 3876 Then go to @pixi/graphics/lib/ inside function buildNonNativeLine create a variable var scales={x:graphicsGeometry.scale.x=== 0 ? 1 : graphicsGeometry.scale.x , y:graphicsGeometry.scale.y===0 ? 1 : graphicsGeometry.scale.y } change all perpx*=width and all perp1x*=width to width/scales.x so the same for y after that change scale in graphicsGeometry relative to graphic scale change
  9. Thanks Exca I will check it out! @ivan.popelyshev hahaha ! With the amount replies you are giving out, it will come in handy for taking breaks
  10. Hello, I am trying to create a dynamic transition from one image texture to another shape and not a created mask transition. In short I am trying to create the effect show on the link below. and one other question is it possible to click on a single stroke that is part of the. borderline of a graphic shape? Thanks for your time and thumbs up for your library !
  11. @ivan.popelyshev Hi Ivan, I have an issue where when i align 2 different border lines on the same shape, it extends its length like this: How can i stop this from happening?
  12. @ivan.popelyshev Hi Ivan i just wanted to tell you that it is working, thank you for your help
  13. @ivan.popelyshev hey Ivan i just want to confirm that i hav the correct demo i have been playing with it for a couple of day, is this thhe link: ?
  14. Not really, unless I have missed something. Really all i am looking to do are 2 things: 1) when moving polygon point that the same goes for the lineStyle points dynamically (btw I am using vertexData to move change the points of the polygon) 2) to change the fill of the lineStyle when clicking on a button
  15. @ivan.popelyshev i dont know what necro-ing is and i dont know why im getting insulted but im sure that this doesnt feel welcoming at all. If the issue is personal feel free to elaborate. All i asked was a question. by the way i did justify that a so given solution wasnt really a solution here