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  1. Hi, I've recently been trying to make the for (loop) wait for an animation of the tween to end, but I can't in any way, is that possible? I really need to wait for the tween animation to finish before continuing the loop. * Remember that the loop in which I speak is not a requestAnimFrame. I can't show the loop in the photo because it is far away.
  2. Hello guys, I'm having problems with a sprite, when moving it with: See the image (After change x,y) Before: My ask is: It's possible change the sprite position with floating numbers without getting blurry image? (Example: 1.5421); * Note: I'm using PNG images Sorry for my bad english.
  3. The gameloop yes, and LERP no, see my situation: i can already move the coordinates, but the change not have animation, and the only way to make a coordinate animation was with the gameloop, but I can't use it, because the player will not move in a loop, but in a mouse click event (i can do this already), see the gif. The objective is change the coordinate softly. Sorry for my bad english.
  4. Hi, thanks for response. Well, your answer is part of my code, but what I really want to do is change: sprite.x and sprite.y; smoothly, is it possible?
  5. Hey guys, i tried to make a soft sprite animation with PIXI.js, i learn about the ticker and i tried to implement, but is a loop, and its no use because is a movimentation player. See the print Is a isometric map, and i need I need the player to walk the floors, i already do that, but not so that the animation is smooth, it goes from point a to b without any animation. I also tried to implement the smoothie library but it was not possible. i stay waiting for responses, sorry for my bad english;