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  1. Congrats on getting funded on kickstarter!! The project looks so awesome and gorgeous. Wish best of luck on the project and looking forward for any updates!!!
  2. Nice game! I love the overall theme, including how you created a custom loader as well. However, I found an annoying bug, both on the desktop and mobile. If you failed once, and restart, after click/touch the first time to consume a red cell, the white cell extracts the circle far too late, hence you quickly fail again. I happen to find this on the mobile device first and never succeeded so I tried the desktop version. I found the same bug but somehow after several restarts, it works somehow (the circle pops out just after the white cell consumes the red cell)
  3. Anyone posted any progress yet on LD#28 and Phaser? I'd like to share my progress in attempt to participate LD#28 with Phaser. I've just started with integrating Phaser with ROT.js. Here's my first post: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/2013/12/14/project-dungeone-haha-yeah-its-kinda-cheesy-name/ Any comments are welcome
  4. @Ydt: I've talked to Alex and he admits it's their code. They've fixed it now, but they'd also require to implement Zynga's viewporter code to fix the address bar in iOS7
  5. So I guess our only hope is with WHATWG. I don't think DRM works well in the web environment. What do you think? Link: http://www.networkworld.com/news/2013/100413-w3c-html5-274529.html
  6. @Ydt: are you referring to Softgames? If so, I'm having the same issue. I'm suspecting it has something to do with Softgames menu blocking the canvas.
  7. I wonder how do they know if the app is HTML5. I've applied for Tizen Store seller and tried to add new application, but they require a binary file. Am I missing something?
  8. hah.. yeah, it seems filled with nothing but non-sense.
  9. Really love the graphics and gameplay . May I ask how long is the development time for this?
  10. I wonder how is this different compared to Adobe's AIR 'platform', except from being Javascript instead of AS3.. The demos look cool though
  11. I believe window.softgames is defined only on sandbox, so the only way to check it is through SoftGames' sandbox
  12. @Raiyumi: That's so awesome, love the graphics and gameplay. I see you have a signature with the swinging/rocking UI and kitties as heroes! Love it!
  13. True. I find people are trying to get attention through graphics that are wild and crazy, some are very cool too. I like doing these kind of competitions as a way to test myself and see how far I can push in 48 hours. I suck in management, and I kinda want to crack that puzzle by doing sprint competitions like this and FiMaRu .
  14. @Lowren: Nice! I love the idea and graphics . I think this is a strong candidate to win! @joannesalfa: Lovely . Although I'm not sure what to do.. the bunnies get eaten every time . Am I supposed to make a hole or hide somewhere? I think it might be nice to let the player explore a bit, so the wolf is rather farther away?
  15. @Raiper: Yours is pretty good actually. The idea is solid. Just that I think you need to make the swinging a tad slower. I can't get the first tower standing still XD. It always falls off. But when I do, I just spam towers and see how it drops
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