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  1. Been taking a shot at some famitracker(authentic NES soundchip music) tracks recently: I work in lots of different styles and am currently looking for new projects!
  2. Recently finished the music for the upcoming Ashes of Eden and I'm looking for new projects! Added some more videos to my youtube channel too: Wireless Arboretum Myrmidon I'd love to hear about your project! Hit me up!
  3. Couple new tracks I'm proud of, one for the upcoming Demonic Desserts Character Theme for Demonic Desserts, a light jazzy tune Syndicates, a cool sci-fi/horror soundscape Currently looking for new projects, hit me up!
  4. Hello! I'm a composer, producer, and musician at with experience working on games, trailers, animated shorts, and more. I recently took a hiatus from music and sound design to finish my bachelor's in software engineering, and I've given my site a bit of a rebranding, but I'm now looking for some cool new projects to work on. At my website you can find testimonials and example tracks, and my full portfolio is at my SoundCloud. If you're looking for unique, original music catered to the particular genre or aesthetic you're going for, or just have some questions or comments, please hit me up! I charge indie-game rates that are negotiable depending on your budget and needs. I'm also open-minded to weird or experimental projects! I also recently added a section to my website with a variety of free tracks you can download and use for your project! I'll be adding more here in the coming weeks and months, as well. If you want to go ahead and contact me directly, here's my e-mail. Thanks as always for checking out my work and considering me for your project!