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  1. So the source code for the examples is available.. that's good. But tonight I decided to just start programming in vanilla javascript. I will look at MelonJS whenever I have time. I think I will want to use it for final version of my game, since it uses webGL. I just did a test using canvas draw, and I can draw about 600 instances of a three-line asteroids ship rotating before it starts to slow down. But I'm sure people's phones won't be so fast. I'll need webGL. Thank you again
  2. I think maybe I should start developing my game just using html5 canvas, no webgl engine. It's a simple vector line drawing style like Asteroids. But I want to learn how to use Melon js. There will be no big hurry, but if you can help me get started, I'll appreciate it. And actually, I want to create youtube videos for beginners like me so more people can use melon.js. I just need some extra help from you to get me started. So again, my question is, how can I use your example programs? There is no code I can find to download.
  3. Thanks for your reply. The examples on that page look interesting, but it's difficult for me to try them for myself. I go to the page, but all I can do is run the examples, and there is no code to download unless I view the page source and then try to assemble the whole project myself, but that too hard, and many things can go wrong. How can I try the examples? Thanks!
  4. Oh well, looks like the door must be closed to beginners. Too bad. Melon seems like an awesome library with great features. I'm disappointed that the barrier to entry is so steep and nobody has realized this is a grave mistake. I'm going to say goodbye now, and use pixi. How many hundreds or thousands have checked out this library but gave up and silently disappeared? My advice, if anyone cares about your library, is - take a few days out of your schedules and write some simple tutorials. Proper app setup, hello world, load a sprite, draw a line, check for key or mouse input - simple things, o
  5. I just saw another tutorial elsewhere about digdug. He says to use github and clone and don't fork, and I don't know about any of that. Does your boilerplate tutorial require a github account to coordinate everything? I don't have that and don't want it at this point.
  6. Okay, I followed your link and it doesn't work either. By the way, pixiJS works fine, and I was running simple tutorials in minutes. It seems that your tutorials need tutorials to tell you how to use the tutorials. I just spent over an hour trying to start over, using the code from your GIT link, then I had to add the resources files but it still just ran a black screen. There are PNG files referenced that are not included: { name: "tileset", type:"image", src: "data/img/tileset.png" }, { name: "background", type:"image", src: "data/img/background.png" },
  7. Hello, I just browsed through all of the threads. Nothing to help my issue. I have downloaded and tried the boilerplates platformer and space invaders. No matter what I do, nothing runs. Just a black screen. I'm running them locally, using a Laragon apache server. The documentation seems to say that I don't need to use nodejs or grunt. But the boilerplate git says I need both node and grunt. I've been trying over and over, different ways, since yesterday, and I'm about to quit. Can someone help me get these things running? Thanks!
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