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  1. I think you need to upload a video, I can't play on BRAVE browser, I just see a blank space, but the banner run perfect
  2. Nice demo, I mss the arrow keys to control the car
  3. Very nice game based on the cute Orisinal flash games.
  4. Very nice racing game !!!
  5. Very difficult to play if I have to stay so long waiting for players.
  6. Wow, NEAT game. My wife loves games like SIMON and this is a nice change, she stole my computer for a while to play your game, congratulations. I started to see her playing and ask her for the game. So, this are the details to tell about the game. So many different figures are a little too much, we think that 8 or 10 different figures are fine for the game to be fun. Also would be fun to see objects related to the place and age we are. Dinosaurs and we see only different dinosaurs and different colors, the same for the west with guns and barrels, medieval for swords and kni
  7. Really nice game! I like the retro style I'm also interested in your point and click game creator, sounds so neat. Is good to see people making these creative projects when we have to stay home, because just the creative people (always moving) is going to go throughout. I wish you all the luck on your project.
  8. Thanks for the comments And I just finished the game. I add a couple of new things.
  9. Sorry, the link was broke for a couple of days, but you can play now!
  10. Thanks for the advice, I'm working on it.
  11. Tumult Hype, is just a program to make animations in HTML5 and CCS, I like to make games with multipath animations, because I don't know how to code.
  12. This is one of the games that is not a one button game, but drag, lol. I'been asked to make some little games to play on cell phones and desktops for people using public transportation in México City and developing a collection of games, I could say hyper casual games and this is the first. http://c1ic.mx/tricky/ Hope you like the idea
  13. This time I wanted to make a PONG game, but using a single button and the solutions were so common, so I changed everything, not to control the paddle, but the ball and this is the result. http://c1ic.mx/toggle/ I just finished the game!!! Hope you like it.
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