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  1. I was just experimenting but is a good idea to finish it like a game, the timer I have no troubles, but I have to figure out how to make a collision detection in java to score
  2. I was just playing with physics, I start to adding shapes and a ball, playing around with forces and moving objects and end up with this little toy, I really like the result and I decided to publish it on my site, I add a single button to shoot. I hope yo like it. http://c1ic.mx/hoops/
  3. Well, I never use color because I try to do inclusive games, one button for limited mobility, high contrast for people with low vision and more, well I just try, maybe I'n not solving everything. Thanks anyway for your comments.
  4. What about Ruffle? the plug in for your site so you can still running flash, no need for the player to download a plug in because the site has the plug in installed for the players to watch the content, also seems to fix some flash plug in issues. Newgrounds is using it.
  5. Like all my games for c1ic.mx, this is a one button little archery game, trying too keep the look of the original TINY ARCADE games made in flash PLAY HERE ARCH ARCHER
  6. There is no game in the link and the WiMi5 page is incomplete and in another language, I could't understand a thing 😒
  7. I love one button games and I really like the mechanics of this one, some simple and challenging, NICE!
  8. Nothing more The blue thing is something I miss to erase, lol Thanks for your nice comments
  9. This is my new game, I made it to promote my new creative agency to make advergames in HTML5. Like my other games, this is a one button game, this one is ghosts theme and is very simple to play. http://c1ic.mx/GostlyDoors/ I hope you like it.
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    So NEAT, I like more than others of the same topic 😊
  11. I just love one button games, nice game!
  12. I just found your game and I just love it! I really like the HERO SHOOTERS but I hate to wait for the game to load or wait to find a match, I was looking for something simple jet fun to play and I couldn't find anything, so I start to develop a game for the web based on great games like Battlefield Heroes (old EA game) and Paladins (new) Now I found your game and has so much of the things I was looking for in a browser multiplayer game, NEAT! It is a pleasure to meet the creator
  13. Like my other games, this is a simple game that can be played with a single button http://c1ic.mx/clockJumper/ I hope you like it
  14. I'm a game developer and I really like the idea of making this project, I did a complete FLASH site, a site where you can navigate, play, write, listen to music and more using a single button, but... is FLASH and you know the issues of using it, so after 20 years making flash games (more than 150) I had to start all over again, after almost a year I came back, starting to learn something different to AS2, so I tried LUA, Python or game engines like Game maker studio and at last I decided to go for HTML5 and Javascript. Just today I could code a menu just like the old flash one and I uploaded a couple of games and a Digital Toy http://c1ic.mx/ Visit the site! I hope you like it
  15. After 20 years making games in FLASH I start to learn HTML5 and Javascript, I just start to understand variables so I made this classic Magic 8 Ball http://c1ic.mx/8ball/ I hope you like it
  16. Based on the bonus game of Mortal Kombat 1 I made this little game. I just start learning HTML5 and Javascript and this is the 2nd game I made after I learn about variables. http://c1ic.mx/TYM/ I hope you like it