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  1. yes, something's got to be wrong but i don't notice it, everything works on localhost but when i upload it to facebook it's when the errors appear,I'm using this archives an index i have this socket.js and app.js
  2. a few minutes ago update the project and the localhost works but when uploading it to facebook the game does not load and this happens:
  3. facebook allows and expres? i have an instant game in process, when i run the game this happens and this the code:
  4. ¿Hay alguna forma de probar el juego instantáneo con otro amigo? ¿Qué hay en desarrollo ?, estoy usando chooseAsync () y si envío la invitación pero acepto esto sucede: (i have test users)
  5. I do not understand how to implement the following link with
  6. we have a turn game and we use so it can be multiplayer, we came up with the idea of making it as an instantaneous game on facebook, then we investigate and we found this link y con este the problem is that we have no idea how to implement it with