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  1. It is my first time to use phaser 3 for developing game , I have a weird issue when i run the project from brackets it run smoothly without any error but when i try to open the project from the html page direct it dies not open and this errors appears on console , can anyone help me please ??
  2. which is the best game engine for making browser games like : supported from all browsers and have support community ??
  3. @khleug35 is there away to make input filed for mobile or not ??
  4. @khleug35 is that input filed supported for smart phone (touch keyboard) or not ??
  5. @khleug35 thanks that was very useful for me
  6. i tried everything to make inputfield in panda 2 engine but it does not work
  7. thank you , yes it will help but how can i also make a text field and take player name ??
  8. I made an endless runner game using panda2 and it is working perfectly , now i want to add a leaderboard but when i searched in panda2 documentation i did not know how can i make it , can anyone help me please ?!
  9. Hosh


    it is m4a
  10. Hosh


    I used panda 2 to make a browser game but i have a problem , the sounds of the game work fine in some iphones but in other does not work also in safari version 13 work but in the latest version of safari sounds does not work anyone can help me ??
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