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  1. Hi swen, The AppCache is awkward at the best of times, so it might be worth changing your design to not rely on it so much. I think 5MB is the standard app cache limit, 5MB of is quite a lot when you consider all the compression/minification techniques available. Additionally if you're planning to update your app "frequently", can you postpone the initial release until you have a lot of functionality already built that doesn't require constant updates? It could save plenty of headaches. In relation to the browser still using the old images, are you updating the image content or the manifest file? The manifest file itself needs to be changed in order to force downloads of changed content. You can do this very easily by storing a commented version number in your manifest file and incrementing it when there's new content - the browser will detect the change and attempt to reload the page.
  2. I don't know about Firefox but I know in Chrome you can view AppCache data using be entering the URL "chrome://appcache-internals/" into your browser's address bar. This will give you a list per manifest of the size, creation, last update and last accessed dates. You should be able to "View Entries" then to see what files are loaded and you can also remove caches too.
  3. Thanks for the reply Thigydaze I did try to change the layout to be rectangular but it didn't help. I think I'll just scale things up and avoid phones (although I've seen some enormous Samsungs on the trains in the morning! )
  4. Hey, (I hope I've posted this in the correct place!) I've been working on a game that requires players to slide / drag objects around a 2D world to complete a level. Players need to be able to do this very quickly so the objects can't be tiny. I've read the Apple UI docs and they have a recommended minimum button size of 44 x 44 pixels. Having tested this out it results in the game objects taking up more of the screen on mobile phones than I would like and has a negative impact on the game play because I have to re-work levels to take things out. The iOS 7 browser changes really made a balls of a lot of things too in this regard. Ultimately I can get around this problem by targeting tablets and desktop instead. I'd be very interested to hear other peoples' opinions / experiences on the matter! Thanks, Anthony
  5. Awesome, just like all your games, dude!
  6. Thanks! It's great to hear that people enjoy it
  7. Thanks for taking the time to play it and post Gustavgb! Yes it's quite difficult to play on a desktop, ultimately I intend it to be a mobile game only.
  8. March 1st 2014: Took the demo down for now so I can work on fixes, suggestions etc. Thanks to everyone who had a play Hi, This is my first mobile game. I've been working on it on and off for a while to the point where I'm starting to doubt the playability . It's still very much a work in progress and the art is mostly placeholder. I had to make changes after the iOS 7 update so at the moment it doesn't scale to different device sizes - audio works on the desktop but not on phones/tablets just yet. The object of the game is you have 4 green guys to protect. Each level is 4 seconds long and you have to move the green guys out of the line of fire of enemies and away from various dangers. The levels are randomly generated but do have a progressive increase in difficulty. I'm currently working on other types of enemies and dangers but feel like I've hit a bit of a wall at the moment. Any feedback is greatly appreciated I've tested it in Chrome on my Macbook, an iPhone 4S, an iPhone 5, iPad 4 and I had a friend play on their HTC One S. Here's the link: N.B. If you're going to play on your desktop I would advise using an external mouse as a touchpad/laptop mouse is too slow.
  9. That's a really polished game - had a great time playing it
  10. Hi all, I'd like to spread the word about Derry GameCraft ( Here is the press release regarding Nintendo's involvement: FWIW I've been all 3 of the GameCraft events (in Dublin) they were incredibly well organised, the atmosphere is always very friendly and the people involved in the organisation of the events are indie developers themselves. I'm not involved in the organisation of it but there are ways to contact people on the the links above. Good luck to anyone who goes! Anthony
  11. anthony


    Hi all, I've been a hobbyist games programmer for a long time now (my first ever game was a text adventure on an old Sinclair QL my Dad had!). Over the years I've made games ranging from command line Tic-Tac-Toe, 2d networked beat 'em ups and even J2ME phone games. About 3 years ago wanted to make the move from desktop to the web/mobile in my day job so HTML5 games seemed to be a perfect way to learn the new skills. I'm currently working on my first "professional" game that I plan to release with the intention (hopes, dreams and prayers ) of making some money - even just to tick it off my bucket list! (I've recently emigrated from Ireland so any bit of extra cash coming in would be very handy!). Thanks to Rich, the moderators and everyone else involved in running the site - it's a great resource! Anthony
  12. Hi folks, I've been trying to detect when a page in mobile Safari (iOS 6) on an iPad is not visible. My intention is that I can then pause a game and any audio that's playing. The Page Visibility API doesn't seem to work so I then tried adding event listeners for pageshow, pagehide but unfortunately I had no luck with that either. Has anyone dealt with this problem before and come up with a hack/solution? A half arsed idea I had as I was typing this is to monitor the elapsed time since the player last interacted with the page and if it's X seconds then pause. I don't know how reliable that would be and it's quite game specific. Thanks, Anthony
  13. anthony


    Hi folks, I just finished my mobile Breakout clone "TiltOut". It uses DeviceOrientation events so you control the paddle by tilting your device Left or Right. I've only really been able to test it myself on iOS devices using Safari and Chrome (an iPhone4S, an iPhone 5 and an iPad 4) so I'd be delighted to hear from people with an Android device as to how it / if it plays. Here's the link: http:// Thanks, Anthony
  14. Thanks for the replies I'm aware of the fallbacks for various functionality. I was wondering in a more general sense what people do when a something just isn't supported. Going forward I intend to disable the unsupported functionality if the game can still be played otherwise display a message that key functionality is missing.