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  1. Hi Our company is looking to purchase or license asynchronous two-player HTML5 games to integrate into an existing app. We have a designer who will redesign some/all of the graphics to integrate into our existing style so the appearance is of less interest than functionality. We have the following requirements: - No adverts or branding - Should fit in half of a phone screen, so basically a square - Should be sufficiently intuitive/common to require no tutorial - Nothing that is timed or requires both players to play at the same time We are looking for the following games but happy to consider others: - Scrabble or simpler clones thereof - Worms/Angry birds: Users input trajectory and velocity to destroy each other - Pool/Snooker - Battleships: There are a few HTML5 versions out there but we don't like the functionality of any of them - Hangman (one user inputs the text to be guessed) - Blackjack: User 1 Dealer, user 2 Player. Start with same cash amount, high minimum bet to keep games short - Any other 2-player board or card games that translate well into short, asynchronous games with limited screen space. We can't afford developing games from scratch but happy to consider anything that would work as is or to commission some limited redevelopment to fit within our parameters. Our development team can share exactly what we need in terms of integration. Please respond here or send a mail to info@tiqle.app