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  1. WHAT A WEEK! 😯 3 amazing games in a weekly #specialOffer! 😱 You only have 2 days for buying these #HTML5 #games source code... HURRY UP! Go to: Untitled_Project_-_Copy720.mp4
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  4. Our latest video about Making a Game Responsive in Construct 3 released on our website: Please leave a comment and tell us what do you like to learn in the next videos
  5. Hi everybody! Our latest video about implementing AdMob Ads in Construct 3 released on our website: In this video we tried to tell about all AdMob Ads types that you can use in C3: Banner Ads, Interstitial Ads and Rewarded Ads. Also we teach you how to give the player coins when he saw your Ads. Please leave a comment and tell us what do you like to learn in the next videos.
  6. While we were gaining experience in game development we could understand some principles of game design and ask ourselves some questions: “What does or does not matter in thinking about an idea?”, “Which people do we want to design a game for?”, “Which types of games we can’t develop programmatically?”, “How to reduce risks with the help of game design?”... We have just published a new article in DoonDook.Studio blog. We tried to transfer our 4 years old experience in it. This content is the first part of a four-part article about game design and development. We'll be very happy if you leave a comment... Read here:
  7. Hi everybody! I hope you are doing well Our team "DoonDookStudio" released a new HTML5 word game created with construct 3. The game idea and art is unique and very cool. In this game you should challenge with your routine knowledge and information. Despite other word games that focus on classic English words we try to make a game that you have to guess words about your social life. The game includes many categories and levels. after completing any category you will achieve a mystery that can be very fantastic for you. You can play DD Alpha Balls at: Alpha Balls
  8. Hi Everyone! We're DoonDookStudio HTML5 Game Developer. We publish useful articles and fantastic games in our website regularly. FOR DEVELOPERS: Our Latest Post -> We have a valuable experience in working with Famobi and like to share it with you: FOR PUBLISHERS: Our Store -> Also our website has a collection of 50 HTML5 games: