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  1. https://www.crazygames.com/game/the-robot-bar---spot-the-differences Robot Bar is a 3D spot-the-difference game that sets in a bar full of robots. Try to find all the differences in each picture before the time runs out. Be careful though, do not touch the screen randomly to catch all the differences this way. If you click the wrong area several times, the game is over Desktop Left-click the screen when you find a difference Mobile Controls: Double-tap the screen when you find a difference Pinch to zoom Swipe left or right to pan the view
  2. Hi, I've made this simple game that is actually more an awareness test than a game. You have ten seconds to watch a short movie and then you have to answer 10 questions... Give it a try and let me know your result after your first try! (tester avarege made out 4-6/10) The game is made with Construct 3. All the graphics assets is made with Blender 2.90. Awareness Test - The Robot Bar - Link You can play it from desktop or mobile Enjoy!
  3. Going Right - Game Link Bring the bird to its nest without getting hit by the obstacles. A classic "avoid and collect" game, with five differents game modes: 20 Hard Levels to enjoy! NORMAL MODE: You can start the game from any level you completed.DEATH MODE: You got only 10 attempts to complete all the levels.TIME ATTACK: Beat your best time in "Time Attack" mode, and show yourself what you can do.INFINITE RUN: Fly as long as you can avoiding the obstacles and collecting coins.SHOP: Buy new skins and choose different colors to customize your bird. That’s all!
  4. Thanks a lot for your suggestions. You're right, it's not so obvious for the player. I'm working on another platformer right now and I will try to apply your suggestions there!
  5. Hi b10b, No, it's not a delta time issue. Try to Walk on the First spring (without jumping on it) and then Jump when you are in mid-air. Let me know if you beat the level.
  6. A short game with 4 different game modes developed in Construct 3 You can play from mobile or desktop. I made all the graphic art by myself using Blender 2.79. Also, I received a complaint from a user that says that the game doesn't start (he tried the game from mobile) If anybody has any similar issue, please let me know! Hope you'll enjoy it! Canjump Game Link
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