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  1. Dina

    Update text in PIXI

    @jonforum thank you To be honest I don't want to kind of manipulate with the code. I just want to make sure I'm not using removeChild(text) when I could just clear/update somehow
  2. Dina

    Update text in PIXI

    When updating PIXI.Text do I have to remove it and create again. I've read the docs but couldn't find another way. Am I missing sth? Like we can just use clear() for updating a rectangle.
  3. @themoonrat thanks a lot
  4. Hello PIXI community! let image = PIXI.Sprite.from("imagePath"); I don't use loader for creating images and I pass this to a module where I need to get the real width of the image, but I get the width equal to 1 as I don't use loader (Hope I get this part right). So I used loader to get the real width but I got problems with passing the image to module as the image is used in setup function that is passed to loader. English is not my native language. Hope this makes sense)) So how do I create an image outside of the module and pass it to use it's width?