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  1. Looks so cute! Is there just one beam charge per a level?
  2. OH! Thanks that is exactly what I needed! 😱
  3. There's always steam and epic games store. Itchio also a good place for indie devs
  4. I know it's summer, but it's really nice! Reminded me of an old Hugo Christmas game
  5. Gella77

    Mr TwinkleToes

    Looks pretty cool, I really like this doors-underworld :д I hope you'll make something interesting out of it , and maybe there will be some enemies ?
  6. If you would come by and read this, In my opinion Unity is a great tool, if you want to make rpg's and then some more and bigger stuff, i suggest you to start with Unity. Start with more complicated soft from the beginning, that will give you a lot of cool tools and a lot of exp. Maybe you won't need a good chank of it for an rpg, but you'll become familiar with the it's ui, and it'll help you with later projects. If you want to make only rpg's (which is cool too!) RPG Maker is a nifty nice program for your goals!
  7. Love graphics and dialogs. Dramatical zoom are hilarious. Thank you for sharing!
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