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  1. displacementSprite.texture.baseTexture.wrapMode = PIXI.WRAP_MODES.REPEAT; transitionFilter = new Filters.DisplacementFilter(this.displacementSprite); transitionFilter.resolution = 0.5; displacementSprite.anchor.set(0.5); displacementSprite.x = this.app.renderer.width / 2; displacementSprite.y = this.app.renderer.height / 2; transitionFilter.autoFit = true; displacementSprite.scale.x = 2; displacementSprite.scale.y = 2; mainContainer.addChild(this.displacementSprite); mainContainer.filters = [t
  2. Why, if I set resolution for individual texture like prites.texture.baseTexture.resolution = 2, I looking not result
  3. Why if I set PIXI.settings.RESOLUTION = window.devicePixelRatio (my case is 1.25) or PIXI.Application.resolution> 1 (for example 1.25 or 1.5 or 2) sprite (textura?) becomes over size after a while. I cannot understand why this is happening. and how can I improve the quality of the render? normal http://joxi.ru/5mdqVneU843J42 after http://joxi.ru/Q2KQ3qvHvbLg4r
  4. today I have seen that the same problem occurs if set param "resolution" upper then 1 (I looked this effect in widnow 10 OS, version pixi 4.8.4 ) I would like to get any recommendations for solving this problem. (image which i need used have bad render with "resolution" = 1) and can I suggest that the same reason lies at the basis of the effect that can be observed on MacOS with version pixi 5 (with default resolution )
  5. I need to make an image full screen with 3d effect. for this I use a DisplacementFilter with a depth map. for exaple, normal image look like this and after bug, you will can see somthink look like this this effect can see in macOS (exactly google chrome, may be in another browsers too)
  6. Ok. It looks like this problem occurs on v5. I tried v 4.8.4 and it seems this error is gone.
  7. Hey. I have a big problem. This behavior was seen only in Chrome macros. I have several containers with sprites, only one is displayed at a time. Multiple 1920/1080 sprites are simultaneously in the container. The container also has this size initially. (I need to make a background image) When you go through browser tabs for a while or are inactive, the image is oversizing. It is getting huge. I do not understand why this is happening. I need the image to scale adequately when resized, and not stretch. Any help would be very important to me.
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