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  1. When I am loading the scene, the "" is 0 BABYLON.SceneLoader.Load(folder, fileName, $scope.engine, function (loadedScene) { //Do something with the scene },loadingProgress); function loadingProgress(progress) { var lp = (Math.round((progress.loaded / * 100)).toString() + '%'; $(ls).find('[data-progress="true"]').html(lp); } The "progress.loaded" is giving me the correct number, but the "" is 0. Why is this happening?
  2. So I have 2 files: 1. shirt.obj 2. shirt.mtl I want to load this via babylon.js: BABYLON.SceneLoader.Load(folder, fileName, $scope.engine, function (loadedScene) {...} What should I do to optimized the file loader? I have read the cache optimization from the babylon.js documentation, but none are working. Babylon Caching Docs I keep getting the model file from cache, I already put the updated model into the resources folder. How to load the new model file? What should I name my manifest file? I tried shirt.obj.manifest and shirt.babylon.manifest, both of them did not work. And what code should I insert in my script?