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  1. how can i add lighting into my game? i was thinking about trying out illuminated-js, has anyone else tried it with phaser or can phaser do basic lighting by itself? Im used to working with unity 3d, goo engine ,and blender (you just add a light to your scene and place it where you want) so 2d lighting is new to me. I want something simple like the little green orbs. And white orb in the below pic. The two images below are from a game called luminesca which was made in unity if i remember correctly. I had no problem with this effect in unity but now i want to try it with phaser. I was thinking maybe use canvas to add a mask over the game and only show areas with light? Any help? light example 1 light example 2 light example 3 light example 4
  2. yep its named index.html and everything I can get games i made in other engines to work just fine.
  3. Can someone help me out, i'm trying to add my game(consist of image folder, src folder and .html) to a zip to test and run on the cocoon mobile ipad app but it keeps saying that i have to add my .html into the zips root. Im seriously lost.
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    Moving group objects

    ok sorry about that. Thanks and now i have another reason i cant wait for the update.
  5. ok so i have a quick question i have a full game running but i cant figure out how to get my group of enemys to follow my player. I tried this for a single enemy and it works, but it wont work for my enemys group (the group is called "enemys")// this will cause the enemy to follow the player, this works game.physics.moveTowardsObject(enemy, player, 100);// this will cause the group enemys to follow the player , doesn't work game.physics.moveTowardsObject(enemys, player, 100);the same thing when i try to assign a particle effect to every member in a group, For when a collision occurs and they are destroyed. Am i supposed to control groups another way?
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    omg i almost had a heart attack when i read this lol im gonna miss reading through all of the source though lol
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    mouse following

    Oh ok thanks. wow i was making it way harder than it really was, you should have seen my code. thanks again you've been alot of of help. so far the code style that phaser use seems to be pretty similar to unity3d's javascript so im gonna reread phasers source with that in mind, hopefully that will help me out with learning everything.
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    mouse following

    Im trying to create a mouse flowing effect using phaser but im not really sure how to go about doing it, mostly due to phasers lack of docs and tutorials ,and im used to doing it using jquery etc. can someone please help? I just need my sprite to follow the mouse when left clicking and remain still otherwise. here are some examples, im trying to replicate the second example but with mouse click. heres the effect using the dom: effect #1 and heres the effect using proccesing: effect #2
  9. nope still note working, now its saying "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'body' of undefined" here is the updated code
  10. I cant seem to get my character to move but my animation works perfectly fine.I tried following a few of the examples but i keep getting a error. What am i doing wrong? I have used other html5 game engines but im new to phaser. here is a link to my code
  11. does pixie handle collision detection?