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  1. Hi there. iam looking for 1 developer to help me develop a fighting simulator in html5. Where 2 teams fights against each other with up to 100 fighers on each team, the figthers all have their own stats (health,attack speed, attack damage). the stats and number of fighers will be loaded from sjon. The teams start from each corner of a square, after a countdown, charges each other and attacks the closest enemy, until its dead, and then attack the other closest enemy. Until one team remain victory. - The project is single player only - Needs to be in html and accessable through major browser such as chrome and safari (no need for internet explorer) -html5 game engine is up to you, depending on what you feel comfortable with. As long as are able to use it fully, and commercially. - no graphics need,there will be default graphics to use, however when attack, dying, and running there will be animation I would like to start right away. I will be paying from a company stationed in Sweden. Can pay to bank or paypal. If your interested please pm me.