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  1. So - eventually I did go with electron, using electron build. You can see the changes I made to do the port on Once I get Cordova or PhoneGap working, I'll spend some time to make a template My notes: I feel like I'm abusing npm a little, but also not enough. I've got it building on Mac, Windows and Linux, but currently need to use separate computers to do so. Watch for those icon size requirements. Don't be afraid to dig through the dir to see where Electron-Builder is putting your assets in the asar file. butler prefers a windows zip to a portable-exe. For now, I'm obliging. The dmg and appimage versions seem to be close enough to a zip for itch to be happy Updating pixi.js can result in scary things happening, that require deleting package.lock.json and node-modules I struggled a lot with the documentation, particularly for Electron Build. I feel a little like my project hacked together more than well thought out, which always makes me a little nervous. But hey - it works!
  2. I didn't even know about nwjs. Thank you all for your help! I'll let you know how I go!
  3. Hi - I've done lots of programming before, but am just getting started with HTML5 game dev. I pushed up my prototype 'Swipe Poker' to a couple of days back (on - source on I want to make a downloadable version now - which by my understanding, means I need to use Electron. My source currently is structured with a src folder, with ts files, and a build folder with my image, sound and HTML assets. I build it using npm, which uses webpack to create a dist folder with an index.html, a bundle.js, and a folder of assets that I can upload. Has anybody got any good examples of a project with source available using PIXI.js, possibly webkit, possibly typescript, and electron to be able to have a web/desktop project? I'm happy to spend time digging through other peoples build process, if I knew a good place to start.