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  1. You are a god. Will that work if even if the stage scales after a change in the browser window dimensions?
  2. I'm writing this as a favor for a public school teacher. I have an image of a geographical map with a bunch of "hot" areas that I want to be able to individually detect clicks on. My plan is to use different bitmap masks to represent each different area so they can scale to fit the browser window bounds along with the image. Then I was going to use pixels() to detect the alpha values of the mask pixel the mouse cursor is over. Is there a smarter way to do arbitrary click-area detection that doesn't use pixels()? Thank you for your help!
  3. Are you saying pixels is unreliable? If so, is there an alternative?
  4. I know how to get the raw pixel data of the original texture of an image sprite, but is there a way to get the pixel data of the sprite just before it is composited with all of the other elements, but after it has been altered by scaling, filters, etc? renderer.extract.pixels(mysprite) seems to just return the original texture no matter what transformations have been performed on the sprite.