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  1. I've tried that method, but in my case it only affects the sprites on the screen, and not the background (which I've set to a random color). I think the easy solution is to use a background sprite
  2. Is there a method of using a filter that affects the entire screen, and not just the rendered sprites? (e.g. for the CRT filter, I'd want the lines to be visible across the entire background). An easy fix would be to set a rectangle graphic / sprite as the background, but I was wondering if there was a more correct way to approach this.
  3. ap_dev

    bulge filter

    When adding a bulge filter to a container, and setting the center property to [0.5,0.5], the center point is defined as the average of all children positions (for my use at least). I'd like to have it be set to the center, as that's why I have it assigned to a container and not the sprites. Is this expected behavior and is there a way to set the center point to the container?