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  1. Thanks for detailed answer, It's either non exclusive deal for a fixed amount as low as 500$ or an exclusive 50/50. They are also talking about an iframe option where the game can be published on various platforms but they keep 1/3. I'm very fine with exclusive contracts but the problem with poki that they want to get the exclusive and in the same time own a part of the game. All of that for 500$ spend in advertising. And the real problem in all of that deal, if the game didn't work at all at Poki, I only have the possibility to keep paying them 1/3 of AD while publishing on other platforms that eventually acccept iframed content. I assume this deal might work very good for a softgame or hypercasual marathonned or reskins. While peanuts for a long dev unique game. I think that I will not Poki this time 😃
  2. Hello Guys, I just finished a nice html5 game with stunning graphics. In my research among publishers I met Poki and they are asking for a life time exclusive deal for 50/50 share. What do you think guys about this? Thanks,