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  1. One of the most controversial topics in software engineering by https://mlsdev.com/blog/how-to-create-an-app-like-clubhouse is the need for reliability and maintainability. Software engineering strives to build reliable and maintainable software systems because these systems help reduce the risk of software defects. Reliability refers to the ability of a software system to operate properly and to return results, while maintainability concerns itself with the ways in which changes can be made that will maintain the software's compatibility with the operating system and other software. Common
  2. As I know you can get good prices if you have a friends in b2b sales. I prefer to use special b2b sales lead generation services for example belkins.io helps with b2b sales lead generation. Marketing professionals who want to achieve the greatest impact from their B2B lead generations should create separate landing pages for each top priority list that they have. When a potential customer lands on a page that is not related to the key issues or goals of the sales team, he or she may feel disinterested and give up.
  3. Perhaps you also need business analysis for your project? I advise to contact with this site.
  4. I've tried to do the same. And I have successful results with assignmentyoda.com/programming/do-my-database-assignment/. Thanks for your question and helping.
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