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  1. Noel, we wouldn't mind another expert opinion on the submitted games. I'll shoot you an email!
  2. We're hosting a Web Monetization game jam! The jam is open to all game engines and starts November 1st. Learn more and sign up here:
  3. Like @end3r we (the Defold Foundation) were also awarded a grant from Grant for the Web to explore the use of Web Monetization in games. The Defold Foundation will use the grant to integrate, promote and support the use of Web Monetization in web games created using Defold. The Defold Foundation will integrate Web Monetization through its plugin system, promote it through examples and tutorials and host a game jam focused on Web Monetization. We have a first version the engine and editor integration ready for testing (more info). Next up is to create the sample game and start planning for the game jam.