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  1. Thank you for the answer @obiot , I didn't check earlier since I thought my answer wouldn't get approved!! About this problem I already solved it. but now I got another issue related to the font to show the score, which is similar to this post here: Fortunately I followed the answers in the post and fix the font issue, but now the console showing me the error Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'width' of null at s.get (melonjs.min.js:36) at s.drawImage (melonjs.min.js:36) at s.draw [as _patched] (melonjs.min.js:14) at s.<anonymous> (debug
  2. Hi I'm also new to melonJS and I stuck at the platform tutorial step 3, my sprite keep moving where he stands even tho i dont press the keyboard. And all the key left, right, up not working. Any ideas about this problem?
  3. Hi, I'm new to melonJS and wanna make a new game project, so far Ive been following the tutorial on this site http://melonjs.github.io/tutorial-platformer/ until I reach the part about main character, the character appear but I can't make him move at all, the key binding to left or right doesn't seem to work. Hopefully someone can point out which I was doing wrong. Here is my built app.min js file: var game = { data: { score: 0 }, onload: function () { me.video.init(640, 480, { wrapper: 'screen', scale: 'auto', scaleMethod: 'flex-width' }) ? (me.audio.init('mp3,o
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