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  1. Yes, for sure! Here: https://www.pixiplayground.com/#/edit/j6sEwSqCUSs7sRwbFXwbA With this example on S21+ it looks like this: Also, in some other devices, this example looks like this:
  2. Hello! I found some wrong behaviors when trying to draw graphics with roundness (drawRoundedRect), like this: This only occurs on some screens (maybe something related with screen resolution?) and for some values of roundness. This, for example, only occurs on a Samsung S21+. I tested on several desktops, iphones and other androids and all worked well. But if I decrease roundness value to a certain limit, it draws ok. This already happened to me before and I had found this "limit" to properly work on every device, but now with S21+ the limit need to be lower.. Any
  3. fagn88

    SVG Sheet

    Hmm I see.. well, I thought that it was easier and it was me that was misunderstanding things. Since this is only a experience that I was doing, I will wait for a full support on future versions maybe. 😉
  4. fagn88

    SVG Sheet

    Hello! I was trying to create a svg sheet, packing all my svg images into only one like a sprite sheet. And I was using svg-sprite lib (https://github.com/jkphl/svg-sprite) to generate that. My question is, with pixi, how can I access each image inside generated sheet? This tool can generate svg-sheet in several formats (css, view, defs, symbol, stack), what would be the best for this? I tried several approaches already but didn't get a working one.. 😔
  5. Yes, in reality I don't understand too much about filters, I saw the pixi filters examples but none seems to be what I need. Also, searched for cylinder effect here before posting but nothing showed up. Trying with filter this came up and I guess that this should be the way, right? Btw, this is not for a slot, I just download it from an example that I saw, I want to apply this to a text field.. thanks @ivan.popelyshev
  6. Hello! I want to create an effect of 3D cylinder in a texture like the image below. Can someone give me ideas of what is the best way to do it?
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