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  1. Hello, I am working on a game using Phaser 3 with scale mode Phaser.Scale.FIT, which scretches the whole game full screen. This causes the antialising to stretch a lot of the textures. For most, it's ok (like the fonts and images), but for some specific tiles to give a retro look, it simply doesn't work with all the smoothing. I can set "pixelArt: true", but then it's the opposite: fonts look bad, buttons, etc. As my game has different scenes for different display (Hud on a scene, Screen another), I can't seem to specify on a scene level that I want pixelArt enable only for it.
  2. This seems nice. When researching for my game, I choose to use BitmapText instead of Google fonts as I found coding it not as clean. But with your plugin, it seems to solve this. Thanks!
  3. I am building a custom class that extends Phaser.GameObjects.Container. I add objects like Sprite or Text objects. When I call container.getBounds() I properly get a rectangle surrounding all my objects. However, if I add a BitmapText object, it is not included in the rectangle. After some research, it seems BitmapText has a method .getTextBounds() instead of getBounds() like Text or Sprite. Could it be why the container doesn't include it and is that by design or it's a bug? thanks!
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