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  1. You should register in their publisher program then submit your website and update your ads.txt .
  2. Seems in their html5 SDK, if you use file_exists() function to check a .ini file while that .ini file doesn't exist, it's going to black screen...
  3. I'm using this website for compress png and jpg files: https://tinypng.com/
  4. "Skatelander" is a great game in this genre.
  5. Hi. I implemented the gamepix api on our Html5 game created by Gamemaker studio 2. But after triggered this event: GamePix.loaded().then(function () { // Place here the code to reach your main screen //startMyAwesomeGame(); }) Game going to Black screen. In their Toolkit, it is OK But in main site for release, this issue occures. Anyone implemented this API in gamemaker studio 2 and help us? thanks.
  6. Hi. Some users of this forum believe that both of these systems belong to a company means "Gamedistribution" and their SDKs are similar! I did not work with these. Anyway, if you receive a payment, please announce to us. Thank you.
  7. Hi. I played 12 MiniBattles before and most of your games are great.
  8. Hello guys. We released our first game in html5 after 5 months work and submitted the game in wanted5games and gamepix. Is it enough to distribute the game in all web? What are other ways to distribute html5 games more? Thank you.
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