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  1. The problem appears to be that the type of object we're creating for the text is not able to be batched by the batch renderer, so each call generates a separate render.
  2. Yes. It seems like it's only debugging the webgl "calls" not the execution. The duration it picks up are minuscule and basically the same on a system that's not affected by the performance problem as one that is.
  3. We've just upgraded from PixiJS 4.8.5 to 5.2.4 and are encountering a major performance issue that we've correlated to a few models of Intel integrated graphics chips (620, 630, and 4600). The framerate on machines experiencing the problem can drop to ~ 1fps. When WebGL is disabled the performance improves drastically. The performance issue is triggered when a large number of text elements are being rendered. To complicate things, we have custom text rendering as a PixiJS plugin. That was working without a performance problem in 4.8.5, though. We're observing the GPU portion of the performance profile being all green, so it definitely seems GPU related. Any potential solutions or avenues of investigation would be appreciated.