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  1. In PIXI.bitmapFont() arguments I provide which char sets I want to use. When I used this font in casual PIXI.Text there was no problem. No character from extended ones displays corrently - i use Ubuntu font as example. It seems it treats them like separate characters - so instead of one character it writes two (probably unicode surrogates). Each of characters looks same - inverted square with question mark inside (not empty square that often means missing char in font) Someone in the forum told me that this function is available only in the very last version of pixi 5 - maybe th
  2. Hello, when i try to use PIXI.bitmapFont.from() with Unicode Suplementary characters (those > U+10000 - those requiring 4 bytes instead of two) those characters are displayed as missing. How to fix that ? Thank you for help!
  3. Hello everyone As in subject - i try to use Pixi.Bitmap.from() function to generate bitmap font from casual one. But when i try to display that text with anchor.set(0.5) the text isn't ideally centralized. It is moved a bit down from center of container (few pixels about). I tried to change padding in PIxiBitmap.from() and resolution but the problem keeps existing.. I know i could just change vertical anchor and play with numbers (for example to set it to vertical anchor 0.52 or so) but it seems so unprofessional to just type such number where there should be 0.5 - besides i
  4. Looks like you know the subject well @Shukant Pal Thank you for the advice, i also found themoonrat's advice best
  5. OMG!! This is exactly something that i was looking for. Thank you so much!!!
  6. @b10b - <=16 unicode characters @jonforum - I will try your solutions out
  7. I uses alpha rectangle, worked fine! Thank you for help
  8. Hello I am fighting with this problem since few days already and didn't find solution so I thought i would write here ) I need to render texts (about 1000 instances). Those texts may change change size and/or content during running - let's say once per 1-3 seconds average. Those texts also consist strings written by users - so may be any unicode character (so PIXI.bitmapText rather is no solution). My app is already at quite nice performance because of usage of graphics.generateCanvasTexture() method advised by nice ivan.popelyshev Only those texts are the issue (if i d
  9. hehe no i didn't change anything in the library I am still learning it and I simply look for best solution so my application runs as fast as possible without quality losses But ok, will see what i can do
  10. Hello I would like to render texture from graphics using the function from the subject but it always constrants my drawing to smallest possible texture. How can I specify the size of the texture in this case? I could draw rectangle in graphics to make proper constraints but then the rectangle will be visible. What is best solution for this case? Thank you in advance for help! ❤️
  11. Haha, I will use generateCanvasTexture then!! Thank you for your time!
  12. Hello I saw two different methods of generating textures from graphics object in pixi 5 WebGL: graphics.generateCanvasTexture() renderer.generateTexture(graphics) How those methods differ from each others? And which one should I use in which cases? Documentation doesn't explain it exactly. Thank you in advance for help!
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