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  1. Hello, I am also seeing this issue with my Pixi app. Unfortunately I'm running it in an ElectronJS container so switching away from Chrome is not an option. I'm actually considering switching away, since the CPU usage is so high even when idling. Oddly enough, the Chrome performance benchmarking shows very little happening when idle - it's very puzzling, since the rendering process that contains Pixi is "idling" at such high CPU. Have you made any progress?
  2. For anyone else looking on the topic, I found this resource to be really useful: http://clintbellanger.net/articles/isometric_math/ I had to be careful and not use the dimensions of the sprite file itself but the actual dimensions of the tile I wanted to use within that file (which in my case was slightly smaller). Thanks for your response, I might have more questions in the near-term future
  3. Hello fellow indie devs, I am knee-deep in a new game and would love any and all resources you have on doing isometric rendering with pixi. There is precious little content out there on the web on this topic! I am currently doing it as in that example - which confuses me, since most pre-created game sprites and artwork is already rendered isometrically! (Is this even the right way to say it?) My understanding is that the example game is just a 2d game with the camera perspective changed - scaling the Y so that it renders from a different angle. How would I use something like the
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