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  1. It would be interesting to know the specific features needed for your project that are available in ThreeJS, that's not in Pixi3D. Thanks, I appreciate the discussion 👍
  2. Glad to hear it! I would say that Pixi3D is as pixi-centric it can possibly be, it shares the same API and it doesn't even work without PixiJS 😀 If you are already familiar with PixiJS API, and/or you want a simple way to combine both 2D and 3D you can choose Pixi3D. If you need all the features that ThreeJS provides, go with that (not sure how easy it is to integrate with PixiJS). Not sure if Pixi3D is really comparable with pixi-projection, as Pixi3D is built to load, render and animate 3D models. As far as I can understand, pixi-projection is more built to handle the actual transform from 2D to 3D (I can absolutely be wrong on this though). My idea for designing the API has been that it should be really easy for almost anyone to use it, but if you need more than what the API offers - it should not be in your way. For example, the material API: you don't even have to know what a material is or how it's used. But if you need to, you can create any material/shader you want, Pixi3D doesn't do anything magic or automatically to your shader. Although, it gives you some tools to help you out, if you want. The weakness of Pixi3D is that it's new. I you mean why I'm not using radians instead of degrees it's simply because degrees is more simple to work.
  3. Hello! I have been working on a 3D rendering library built on top of PixiJS, and just want to find out if anyone would be interested to try it and give feedback. Pixi3D is a JavaScript library which makes it easy to render 3D graphics on the web. It works for both desktop and mobile web browsers and includes several components which makes it easy to create nice looking 3D scenes out-of-the-box: Load models from file or create procedural generated meshes Supports physically-based rendering (PBR) and image-based lighting (IBL) Transformation, morphing and skeletal animations Customized materials and shaders Built on top of the widely used PixiJS library which makes it simple to combine 2D and 3D You can go to https://pixi3d.org/demo/drone/ to view a real-time demo or visit https://github.com/jnsmalm/pixi3d to download and read more about it.